Sourcing of Our Macadamia Nuts

PrivamNuts MACADAMIAS are truly natural …. Our Macadamia Nuts are naturally grown in the mineral rich highlands soils of Mt. Kenya, right through the Equator. The crunchier, richer taste makes it a pretty unique experience. Our source is from eighty thousand plus small scale farmers around Mt. Kenya. These farmers allow their trees to grow most naturally with very little intervention. They basically use available resources like animal manure. Spraying is non-existent. We operate a strong and ethical fair trade policy with all our farmers We have a large raw material sourcing network in the country. This ensures that we talk to as many farmers as possible on best practices on growing and storing macadamia nuts. We have developed a cordial relationship with our farmers which ensure a long lasting relationship. We have developed more than 50 buying centres in the country which are managed by field supervisors, and numerous collection centres.