Packing Information

In order to ensure our macadamia kernel is delivered in the best possible condition to our customers, we use nitrogen flushed, sealed foiled bags in cartons. Other pack sizes are available upon request.

style 1

Our products are packaged in 11.34kg/25lbs cartons depending on the style of macadamia kernel.

11.34kg/25lbs carton

  • Style 1L
  • Style 1S
  • Style 4L
  • Style 4S
  • Style 5
  • Style 6

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The product should be stored in original packaging in a clean, cool (8-15 deg C), dry area(50-60% RH), free from toxic chemicals, odours, insect and rodent infestation. Shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacture/packing for macadamias.

Overseas Shipment Options

Individual customer shipping options are discussed during the contract negotiation phase. Determining which option best suits your needs, is influenced by such factors as quantity purchased and destination port.

Our product is exported via Sea Freight with two shipment options available:

  • Full Container Load (FCL) – Whilst the name might imply that the container is required to be fully loaded, this is not the case. FCL means that the entire container is utilised for one customers order.
  • Less Container Load (LCL) – This option is utilised for smaller orders that would not fill a 20ft container. With this option the freight forwarder will consolidate orders together in a 20ft container.

Product Delivery within Kenya/East Africa

For all domestic purchases of macadamia kernel, the product is delivered to you via a transport company.