Food Safety Policy
Privamnuts EPZ Kenya LTD is committed to supply of safe and high quality macadamia nuts for export.

To realize this commitment, Privamnuts EPZ Kenya LTD shall implement and maintain an effective Food Safety Management System based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and continually improve its effectiveness.

It is our business to ensure the safety of your food and it is our pleasure to do so.

Our Objectives
  • To ensure that all our operations and products comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, meet and exceed consumer food safety and quality requirements at all times.

  • To identify, evaluate and control potential food safety hazards within the define scope.

  • To continually communicate, both internally and externally, sufficient information regarding food safety.

  • To carry out continuous food safety training and policy education for all our employees and any other person(s) whose activities have an impact on food safety.

This food safety policy shall be communicated and implemented at all levels within the company and shall be reviewed whenever necessary to ensure its continued sustainability.