Organic Macadamia

Our Macadamia Nuts are naturally grown in the mineral rich highland soils of Mt. Kenya, right through the Equator. The creamy, nutty and rich flavorful taste makes it a pretty unique experience.

Our source is from 10,000 plus small-scale farmers around Mt. Kenya. Our farmers allow their trees to grow naturally with no chemical intervention and use available resources like compost manure in the plant husbandry. We engage our farmers in capacity building through training on good agro practices (GAP) and post-harvest handling via our agronomy extension programs

It originated early in the 20th century in reaction to rapidly changing farming practices.

We have set up collection centers in close proximity to our farmers and run a macadamia nursery that has over 30,000 organic seedlings which are available to our farmers at subsidized rates.

Privamnuts Versatile organic macadamia can be used as a snack, for sweet and baking goods and for high-quality oil production.